Example Usage

Website interface

The simplest way to get started with Speechmatics is to use our website dashboard.

Using the dashboard you can upload individual files, transcribe them and then download the transcript in a variety of formats.

Whilst logged in a link to your dashboard is always at the top right of every Speechmatics page.

Example Code

If you would like to setup an integration with our API the documentation is here.

We also provide a number of examples of integrations in a variety of languages on our GitHub repo:


Please note that these samples come from a variety of sources and the only code sample we support at present is in Python.

If you have a code sample you would like to share please let us know and we can either host it on our GitHub directly or fork from your repository.

Similarly if you can see improvements to our code examples you would like to share please do send us pull requests, we'd love to see them!


To use any Speechmatics service, you must log in.

Contact Us

If you need further help getting started with any Speechmatics product or service, please contact us!